Call Center Outsourcing

The customer is king! Remember that saying. This saying can not be more true especially in an age where the customer expects the business to be available 24/7days a week and on all devices.

This is where our call center solutions comes in. We know the customer is at the centre of every businesses growth. We understand this fact and that is why our Call Center business process outsourcing allows companies interact with their customers and deliver support to them. These includes inbound call centre operations, live support and outbound call centre offerings which includes marketing and other external service delivery of our clients’ services.
As a result of our exeprience in the field, we also help businesses set up their own call centers in their organisations.

ICS Call Centre Business Process Outsourcng offers companies the ability to interact with their many customers without having to break the bank to set up their own call centre. Having operated in the service industry for over two decades, we have developed strong understanding of customers relationships and the ways they can be delighted.

Our range of Call Centre Services include:

  • Contact Centre Construction
  • Contact Centre Management
  • Provision of Customer Interaction executives

Do you want to reduce cost & waste; increase speed,efficiency and profit margin?