Business Advisory

Business Consulting

Over the last two decades, we have developed management solutions models that help clients improve their work PROCESS, develop their PEOPLE, embrace a positive PHILOSOPHY and competently deliver CHANGE in their organizations.

Our approach to management consulting is to deliver business advisory services aimed at assisting managers and organizations to achieve their organizational objectives by solving management and business problems, identifying and seeing new opportunities, enhancing learning and implementing organizational change initiatives.

The following define our approach to satisfying the needs of our clients:

  • We work within the framework of clients briefs in response to a request for proposal that may/may not include defined requirements
  • We work with our client sot define the nature and extent of the project by gathering information to better define needs, understand context and inter dependencies, and to explore possible alternative solutions
  • We analyze data collected and use our background knowledge and experience to develop recommendation for enhancing strategic direction and better aligning operations, methods, systems and/or process
  • We present our recommendations to clients and, based on feedback from our clients, assist them in implementing those recommendations.

Business Advisory - Process Re-engineering

A critical aspect of our consulting service is our business process. This involves the radical redesign f core business processes to achieve dramatic improvement in productivity, cycle time and quality.

We work with our clients to rethink existing processes to deliver more value to the customer. This helps them reduce organizational layers and eliminate unproductive activities in two important areas. First, it redesigns functional organizations into cross-functional teams and second, it uses technology to improve data dissemination and decision making.

Our dynamic Business Process Re-engineering services help do the following:

  • Refocus company’s value on customer needs
  • Redesign core processes, using information technology to enable improvement
  • Reorganize a business into cross functional team with end to end responsibility for process
  • Rethink basic organizational and people issues
  • Improve business process across organization

Do you want to reduce cost & waste; increase speed,efficiency and profit margin?